You are probably wondering who we are…two guys talking about fashion, fitness, nutrition, brand promotion, and of course talking about gentleman rules. Well, our names are Alex Gavrilovic and Arthur Rozenfeld, and we are obviously more than just “daily gents’.” Beyond our gentleman side that we want to emphasis, we are professional basketball players, bloggers, and brand promoters as well.

Our blog reveals our common passions, but mostly expresses our vision about what it takes to become a daily gent. Good manners are slowly dying nowadays, and we find it essential to remind everyone that it is a worthy goal to have. Being professional athletes taught us major values all men should demonstrate, such as respect, self-esteem, and ambition, but also taught us one essential life lesson…nothing worth having comes easy. You got to work for what you want. This is what life is all about after all!

Our wish is to turn every men into true gentlemen, and help those who have various doubts and questions about ways to dress properly, about proper ways to behave, and about improving their everyday life’s well being. Our passion for fashion, fitness, nutrition, and travels pushed us to write about it and leave our mark.

We met in 2016 when we both signed for the same basketball team in Roanne, France. We started as strangers, then became teammates, and ended up as “partners in crime.” We quickly discovered our common passions that motivated and inspired us to create our blog, become influencers, and jump together into a new lifestyle that we always wanted!

Bio Alex:

Nationality: French/Serbian

Place of birth: Strasbourg, France

Birth date: November 25th, 1991

Education: Bachelor of Art, 2014, University of Dayton, OH / Master’s in Professional Studies and Homeland Security, 2015, Towson university, MD

Hobbies: Basketball, travels, shopping, movies, music lover, writing, reading

Interests: Politics, arts, interior designing, nutrition

Favorite spots: NYC, Strasbourg, Cap Town, Sarasota

Favorite quote: “It always seems impossible until it is done” Nelson Mandela

Basketball bio: 2006-09 Strasbourg IG / 2009-11: IMG Academies, FL / 2011-14: University of Dayton / 2014-15: Towson University / 2015- : Chorale de Roanne, France


  • 2010 European Champion Gold medalist with the U20 French national team.
  • Received the “Thomas M. Luppe » Award for being the University of Dayton Men’s Basketball top freshman of the year in 2012
  • Received the “Uhl” Scholar-Athlete Award in 2014
  • Rookie of the Week award with the University of Dayton on Dec. 19th, 2011.
  • Went to the March Madness Elite Eight with the University of Dayton in 2014.
  • Winner of the Pro B Leaders Cup 2017 (French league).

Bio Arthur:

Nationality: French

Place of birth: Lyon, France

Birth date: February 8th, 1995

Education: BAC S (Scientific High School Diploma). Started a bachelor degree in business economics and management at the University of Lyon 3…in process

Hobbies: Basketball, shopping, nightlife, wine tasting, travels, Italian and French food, cars, electronic music lover

Interests: Economy, finance, politics

Favorite spots: London, NYC, Ibiza

Favorite quote: ”Never let someone destroy your dreams”

Basketball bio: ASVEL (Lyon Villeurbanne) / 2015-16: Boulogne sur Mer, France / 2016- : Chorale de Roanne, France


  • French National team U16, U17, U18, U19, U20.
  • National champion U15 with ASVEL (Lyon Villeurbanne).
  • Most Improved player first half of the 2016/2017 pro B season
  • Winner of the Pro B Leaders Cup 2017 (French league)